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Nobody tells you that menopause can create

brain fog.

Luckily again, yoga helps.

Video: Yoga for menopause – brain fog

Brain, brain brain...

Hormones help to maintain cognitive health.

So changes in hormones, means changes in brain, or

Brain fog!

So it's normal during perimenopause or menopause to feel like you can't pay attention as you used to, or remember well.
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Yoga for the brain

Yoga is great for memory and attention, especially with

poses in which the head is lower than the body.

Blood flows to your brain, bringing oxygen and nutriments.

So starting a yoga practice now can be helpful.

Practice: downward dog – Adho Mukha Shvanasana

yoga memory fog menopause
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You can practice this in the morning, to wake up
your brain.
Press play at 1:05 to practice.

To get MORE

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Get on a beautiful journey with me.

Book your own, private gentle yoga class for menopause.

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There is more about movement, body and menopause on social medias.

Please if you need, seek help from your doctor, a specialist or someone you trust.

Your body is unique and beautiful. Love it.

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19- Yoga for menopause and brain fog
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