How to reduce stress during quarantine?

I am not a doctor. But when I was feeling anxious during my quarantine – because of tests which did not arrive, because of not knowing, because of loneliness – I had the chance to have yoga. I just want to share some tips that might help you, but please if you don’t feel good check the NHS page or seek help of a professional. 

Tip 1 - work on your breath

How to breathe in yoga:

A simple breathing exercise to feel calmer – Anuloma Viloma (this is the exercise I practiced on an evening where I felt very anxious).

Tip 2 - Simple yoga poses to breathe and relax your nervous system

Child’s pose to relax you nervous system

child's pose yoga

Bridge pose to breathe

bridge pose yoga

Seated forward bend to relax the nervous system

Seated forward bend yoga

Tip 3 - Move how you can

When I don’t have space, I put my headphones and dance like crazy. It helps me A LOT during this period. Move in any way you can, your body will thank you.

Tip 4 - Eat food that nourishes your body and make you feel happy
healthy food anxiety

What I eat : 

Raw fruits outside of the meal to have the vitamins (if you eat a fruit at the end of the meal you won’t digest it well, because we digest fruits much faster than other things). Bananas are great for the mood.

Raw or slightly cooked vegetables. For example, raw spinach in a salad or carrots with olive oil help me get the vitamins I need.

Good fat – which is EXCELLENT for the body and mind: 

  • olive oil 
  • nuts 
  • coconut oil 
  • dark chocolate
  • fish like salmon or sardines (prefer good quality)
  • organic eggs 
  • organic cheese (that’s a lie. It’s not so good for the body, I just love it.)
Drink water outside of the meals to keep hydrated.
When you choose your food, choose something which will nourish you, but also something you love. Take you time to eat and chew.
Tip 5 - If you can get some sunshine on your skin, do.

I know it depends on where you are, but if you have a garden, a window to open… I notice it really helps me too.

Tip 6 - Listen to a podcast that blows your mind

reduce stress quarantine

The Life Coach School podcast changed my life. I am now being coached on a weekly basis on how to work with my thoughts to feel better. You might find episodes which help you on Apple podcast or Spotify. 

Tip 7 - There are also plenty of resources on YouTube

Why don’t you try practicing yoga with YouTube? Yoga with Adriene is one of the most famous. 

Motivational doc is another channel I found working with pressure points to feel better. Here is a video I loved. 

Final tip: easy life things that can make you feel good.

Speaking to a friend 

Taking care of your body 

Getting creative (drawing, painting, singing…) 

Writing in a journal 

Helping someone you love 

And please, take care and keep loving yourself.

How to reduce stress during quarantine?
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