Positive thinking #12 : Actions – diary

This video introduces a new positive thinking tool: the diary!

Why having a diary?

Many people don’t have any diary, or don’t use it properly. They often don’t set goals for themselves, as they are afraid of failure. However, when we don’t set anything, we don’t fail, but we also don’t win. And more important, we don’t learn. 

This is why setting goals, and then write them in your diary is the best thing you can do for yourselves. 

Writting down your goals...

After having done the goals game of the 10 years…

goals game

… and for the coming year, write down your goals on an empty page of your diary. Then write your monthly, and weekly goals.

... and then the steps to accomplish them.

Finally, write down EVERY LITTLE STEP you need to take to accomplish them daily. This is the clue to really do the actions and accomplish your goals. What do you want to do every day to start changing your life?

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Positive thinking #12 : Actions – diary
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