breath yoga
We all have these moments when things feel a little bit out of control,
when we feel very vulnerable and exposed, or overwhelmed. Trust me,
this is my life right now! And these moments are when you can
completely support yourself with the simplest tool:

the breath.

Video: Playing with... the breath

The breath is always, always there. Even when you are injured, or weak, you can still practice breathing.

overwhelm and stress

But sometimes, practicing breathing can become stressful. 

How to practice breathing without stressing out?

That’s why I want to invite you to have a look at the diaphragm. Have a look on Google, or with this video, at this huge breathing muscle. 

Then, you can play with breathing deeply, without worrying about doing it well. And play with your breath whenever you want, filling your abdomen when you inhale, relaxing when you exhale. 

I especially encourage you to practice when you feel nervous, overwhelmed, angry, frustrated. And trust me. Your breathing will become your best support.

Yoga easy

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34- Playing with the breath
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