Meditation #1 – How to meditate?


How to meditate? This video introduces how to meditate and start your own practice.

How to meditate? First find your sitting posture.

First, find your sitting posture. Avoid lying down, or you might fall asleep very soon! Make yourself comfortable. It needs to be comfortable enough, but not too comfortable so you are not falling asleep.

You can simply sit in Sukhasana, Put as many cushions as needed underneath your bum and knees.

If you are comfortable, you can sit in Siddhasana. Bring one foot between your chin and your tie.

If you are comfortable and super flexible, you can sit in Padmasana, the famous lotus posture!

If this does not feel comfortable, do not worry! You can of course sit on a chair. Try having both feet planted on the ground.

Your hands can be palms facing down, to be more grounded, or palms facing up, to feel lighter.

Then connect to your breathing.

Once you are sitting, you can bring attention to your body and your breath. Close your eyes, and simply notice the air going out and coming in. Don’t try to change it, just listen. Can you fill the rhythm? And the movement in your ribcage, opening and closing?

Finally, find your object of concentration and your chakra

Then, you can stay with your breath, or bring your attention to an object. This can be a mantra that you repeat (OM), or a neutral object of your choice (the blue sky, a light…). You can repeat this object while focusing on a chakra. You can choose to focus on Ajna chakra, between your eyebrows, or Anahata chakra, your heart.

Listen to a guided meditation here!!! To learn more about meditation and start your practice, have a look at Body Mind Co videos on Youtube.

Meditation #1 – How to meditate?
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