Do you kill your back when you have to pick up objects from the floor? Today, no exercise, but a




No need to go all the way down like this. 

frog gentle yoga

Just practice getting closer to the ground – enough to pick up the object (bag,…)

Start standing, your feet wider that your pelvis, your toes pointing out. 

Keep your head light and free. 

Your feet are grounded. 

Think about your heels sliding back. 

Your knees sliding gently forward (I mean to the sides).

Your sit bones going down, slightly back, with the help of gravity. 

Keep breathing, the spine decompresses, the head is very light. 

You can feel gravity in your pelvis and lightness in your upper body. 

To come back up, always allow your head to fly up, slightly forward, use your feet spreading on the ground.

You can stay in the pose if you want: this is excellent for improving your hips flexibility and for your organs. 

If you are like me, it might feel very uncomfortable. Don’t push or force anything. It is a practice, and go as far as you can with your own body. 

So can you try to pick up objects from the ground, using your joints rather than killing your back, once a day for 5 days?

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And be ready for next month...

Thank you for staying with me, you can always book your private gentle yoga class here!

9- 5 days challenge!!! Pick up objects like a princess
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