Eline Peres M


is a solo and research which started in 2019, around authenticity and identity.

MADAME - Who are you?

The solo piece Madame is a work in progress, an on-going research, questioning the notion “authenticity” and identity. It plays around the idea of “I”, and the body, as a subject or an object. 

When someone introduces oneself, there is often a use of labels – a name, a gender, a job, a nationality. What are those etiquettes relating to who we are? Removing these etiquettes, and the make-up, what is there? What is authenticity?

From Descartes’ dualism, Madame explores body image, labels and shadows. Madame is also the expression of a desire to change and question our ways of living, as human beings, and one’s connection to the body and the environment.

369 days improvisation project

In this project, I improvise indoors and outdoors once a day for a year.

Collaborations and performances

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