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Why don’t you try a private yoga session, in London or on online via Zoom? The first class is free!

a gentle yoga

Take time to build your practice and find your own rhythm.

I teach private Hatha yoga, that I adapt to 

  • your body : any age, level, and condition is welcomed. 
  • your needs : do you want to get more relaxed? Learn to breathe? Discover your body in the poses?
  • your timetable : just tell me when you want the class, and how much time you have. Don’t worry about the rest!

My goal is for you to get to know your body through movement, while having fun.

This is ideal for beginners or people who want to practice in a safe environment, without pressure or judgment. 

the yoga benefits

What are the yoga benefits?

Practicing yoga will help you:

reduce your stress

get to know and love your body

 strengthen your immune system

improve your strength and flexibility

start breathing better

create more confidence

So, don’t wait! It has never been so important to take care of your body.

a Body Mind Co class is

With each class, I introduce something about the body with our friend Olga, and her little sister Louise.

Body Mind Co skeleton

We then go into breathing exercises, we take time to discover the poses (Asanas).

We ALWAYS finish with relaxation (Savasana). 

The goal is for you to get to feel your body. It is not about ideal shape, but sensations.

Want to know more about yoga?

You can contact me here and ask any question, and book your session in London or on Zoom. You can also watch Body Mind Co YouTube podcast.

Yoga classes prices

Online with Zoom

At your home (in London)

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