Eline Pérès

Hi! I'm Eline Pérès.

You already know I’m a yoga teacher since you’re on my website, but let me tell you a little more. Here are some fun facts about me: 

  • I shaved my head as a joke. But since, I just can’t change it.
  • My best recipe: peanut butter porridge. Just put oat, peanut butter and hot water. Then, let the magic happen!
  • I tried to get rid of my French accent. Didn’t work. Now I just make fun of it!

For most people I connect with, the most surprising one of those facts is: 

I’m a young dancer, but in the morning, I can be as stiff as a grandma!

But that's what led to my passion for yoga.

When I was studying dance, I was one of the least flexible. I had pain and tightness everywhere! I was wondering: 

How can I get rid of this? How can I finally feel comfortable in my own body?

It felt impossible. And stretching more was not helping: my body was still stiff as a board. This was until I realized that instead of doing more in my movement practice, I had to do less. I could simply listen and observe my body open. That’s when I discovered somatic practices and slow, gentle yoga.  

And I truly believe this:

Everything you want is already in your body. You just have to unlock to access it. You don’t have to be flexible or young, you just have to listen to your sensations while you move. Yoga can then show you endless possibilities. 

And you? Do you believe this too? 

Regardless, I still want to thank you for being here with me. And for that, I invite you to start your gentle yoga for free! Just write down your name and your email down there and get started. And I promise: it will always be slow and easy!

Discover my wonderful collaborators and friends

Nicolas Fidel (Photos and Website)

Nicolas is a French student passionate about photography. He is currently creating his own startups with two collaborators. Have a look at his instagram

Nicolas set up the website and photographed our models.


Leila Courset-Pintout (Logo and Design)

Leïla is born in France. After graduating from high school in economic and social sciences, she went to Boulogne Billancourt in the Lycée Jacques Prévert to study graphic design. She is currently in her second year of DNMADE graphics and digital. Have a look at her website

Leila has designed the logo and will be working with Body Mind Co this coming year.

Antonin Pérès (Jingle and audio podcast)

Born in France, Antonin graduated from high school in sciences. He is now studying a degree in the audiovisual in the Lycée Jacques Prévert, Paris, while creating his own music. Have a look at his Instagram

Antonin has been mixing Body Mind Co audio podcast.

Website and social medias photo models

When I was starting, these beautiful women volunteered as models : Soso Solène, lesphotosd’ana and Coralie with Caellis Beauté Vagabonde !

I also had the chance to volunteer for :

Sourires des femmes 86

This is a charity for women’s abuse in Châtellerault, France. Have a look at their Facebook page and don’t hesitate to support them!

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