Eline Pérès

Hello! I'm Eline Pérès.

I’m a yoga teacher, dancer, and I keep learning about the body and life with practices and people I meet.

My first yoga client was my mum.

I quickly loved teaching her yoga.

I was learning to:

Yoga menopause London
  • adapt to her own body.
  • help her free daily tensions without hurting herself.
  • get to know more about the body, and that it is unique to each person. 

And for this, I had help with:

hatha yoga,

somatic practices,
and my collaborators.
menopause body
Body Mind Co Victoria Gaubert


who teaches me the physiology of the body.



who created the logo and design.

Nicolas Fidel Body Mind Co


who created the website and taught me to edit it.



my brother, who created the jingle and mixed the audio podcast.

Women yoga


Soso Solène, lesphotosd'ana et Coralie

Sourires de femmes 86

The first organisation

fighting violences against women in which I taught yoga.

Thank you to my collaborators. And thank you for being here.

And don’t forget, follow me on:

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