Body Mind Co and collaborators

Eline Pérès

Eline Pérès

Studying contemporary dance in Trinity Laban, I wanted to get the perfect body. But, I was never satisfied. And most important, I did not love my body in the process.

One day, a teacher introduced us to somatic practices, and improvisation. It felt so good!!! From there, I decided to discover the mysteries of the body. I trained as a yoga teacher in the Himalayas, in India, where I cultivated this interest about the body and discovered meditation. I deepen these practices now, and keep dancing of course!

If you are also interested in exploring, discovering and loving your body, try a gentle private hatha yoga classes in online!


Nicolas Fidel (Photos and Website)

Nicolas is a French student passionate about photography. He is currently creating his own startups with two collaborators. Have a look at his instagram

Nicolas set up the website and photographed our models.


Leila Courset-Pintout (Logo and Design)

Leïla is born in France. After graduating from high school in economic and social sciences, she went to Boulogne Billancourt in the Lycée Jacques Prévert to study graphic design. She is currently in her second year of DNMADE graphics and digital. Have a look at her website

Leila has designed the logo and will be working with Body Mind Co this coming year.

Antonin Pérès (Jingle and audio podcast)

Born in France, Antonin graduated from high school in sciences. He is now studying a degree in the audiovisual in the Lycée Jacques Prévert, Paris, while creating his own music. Have a look at his Instagram

Antonin has been mixing Body Mind Co audio podcast.

Website and social medias photo models

Body Mind Co Volunteering

Sourires des femmes 86

Body Mind Co volunteered in this charity for women’s abuse in Châtellerault, France. Have a look at their Facebook page.

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