cours de yoga particuliers en douceur

Your private gentle yoga

to free your tensions

Are you feeling stiff as a board?

Ready to feel so good, so relieved in your body?

I can help you with that. YOU are invited to the most gentle, private yoga practice you've ever seen.


I know, yoga feels scary and you don’t think it will help reducing your pain(s). BUT. 

You don’t have to be young, or flexible to do yoga. Acually, if you are getting older and less flexible, you need yoga more than ever.


Great new: yoga can be very gentle, and adapted to your body.

Wouldn’t it be nice if to feel free and comfortable in your body? To keep being surprised and loving it day after day, at any age?

If you just said “yes” in your head, welcome!!! I am so happy to help you. 

One day was, my physio told me I had the back of a 70 years-old woman (when I was only 20). And that was during my dance training! 

That’s how I got introduced to somatic practices AND gentle yoga: the best techniques to simply free your body!

Now, I’m mixing the two: somatics and gentle yoga. I keep moving, and dancing every single day!

tense tight old

My love of yoga didn’t happen overnight, but I did see change in my life fast, and I want that for you too. 

That’s why I love working with women (especially grandmothers!) who feel stiff, or are recovering from injuries and illness.

“It only took one class to be convinced that Eline was a good, safe and thorough teacher with a lovely manner AND… she knew her stuff. We do gentle, repetitive sets of movements very thoroughly whilst concentrating on our breathing so it is both strengthening and meditative. Whatever your age, capability or experience, I am sure you will enjoy the sessions and feel the physical and mental benefits.” Pippa

If you’re in a place – today – where you need to make some changes quickly to feel free in your body, I want to help you. This is why you can already get a free gentle exercise by putting your name and email address there!!!

private yoga

If you want to try your own gentle private yoga session, you can have a look here!

Don’t get missed out. Not sure you want to join?

No worries, you can already have a look at the YouTube podcast to make sure this yoga is for you!

For any question you have, don’t hesitate to contact me here by clicking here! Always happy to discuss anything about your body or life.

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