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Private gentle yoga

adapted to your body and needs.

Are you ready to reconnect with your body?

Because private yoga classes are great for that.

I have one good new: yoga can really help your body with pretty much everything. Especially when you take the time and have fun.

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Yoga helps you listen to your sensations, and : 


1. reduces stress + calms your nervous system 

2. regulates your weight

3. regulates your hormones

4. is great for the bones (osteoporosis, arthritis…)

5. helps your digestion

But what I really want for you, is to learn to reconnect and love your body.

This is what I’m offering with

gentle yoga inspired from somatics.

Somatic practices are very gentle techniques for your body. I connect them with Hatha yoga. So, it is a very gentle yoga, adapted to your own body and needs, very different from what you can find in fitness places. 

gentle yoga
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Private yoga London

"It only took one class to be convinced that Eline was a good, safe and thorough teacher with a lovely manner AND that she knew her stuff. We do gentle, repetitive sets of movements very thoroughly whilst concentrating on our breathing so it is both strengthening and meditative." - Pippa

"Eline supports and shares with you knowledge that will help you develop a strong relationship with body, mind and its environment. Her approach is different to other classes I have taken part in, this is especially because of her integration of different techniques and the curiosity she passes on to me." - Maya

"An incredible sense of well-being." - Tina

"You can really see improvements throughout the sessions. Thank you Body Mind Co for this discovery!" - Lucile

"Eline is a very gentle and motivating yoga teacher. Her explanations are very clear and easy to follow. I felt great afterwards, totally relaxed. I highly recommend Eline, no matter of your level, shape and size!" - Caroline

My very first client was and is my mum (who you can see in the pictures). I loved it so much I decided to focus on teaching private yoga classes, so I can completely adapt to your body and needs.

I would love to help you, too! Here are some options:
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