slow easy yoga

Private easy yoga

adapted to your body and needs.

I don't like my body.

I can't feel my body.

I've tried a yoga class, but it was uncomfortable.

Welcome to a more gentle, easy yoga practice!

I have one good new: yoga can really help your body with pretty much everything. Especially when you take the time.


1. reducing stress  

2. daily tensions

3. hormones

4. the bones (osteoporosis, arthritis…)

5. digestion

But what I really like with yoga is to learn to feel, and love your body.

This is what I’m proposing with

gentle yoga inspired from somatics.

Somatic practices are very gentle techniques for your body. I connect them with Hatha yoga. So, it is a very gentle yoga, adapted to your own body and needs, very different from what you can find in fitness places. 

gentle yoga
yoga for menopause


Private yoga London
If you want to join and start an easy yoga practice...

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